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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum call stack size exceeded error?

The Maximum call stack size exceeded. appears when you enter something like an infinite loop of function! In your <body> you are typing: onload="onload ();" and that's the reason of your problem because onload is calling itself, over and over. Try to remove it from your code, and the error will be disappeared. Welcome to StackOverflow!

Why is my recursive function throwing a maximum call stack size exceeded?

More often than not, the reason a recursive function is throwing a "Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded" error has something to do with the base case or the lack of one. When recursive code is missing its base code or shoots past the base code, it will repeatedly keep calling itself until you hit the "Maximum Call Stack" of a browser.

Why does my call stack throw a range error?

As a result, the call stack throws the range error: RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded. The most immediate solution is to look for recursive functions without bases or debug the code as this tutorial recommends. Alternatively, you can test code in try-catch blocks with unique error messages.

What happens when a function is pushed to the call stack?

Once pushed to the call stack this will exceed the memory limit of call stack and it will throw that error. Same error happens on infinite recursion ( function a () { a () }) as too many times, stuff has been pushed to the call stack. Note that I'm not a compiler engineer and this is just a simplified representation of what's going on.

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