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Frequently Asked Questions

What camping gear do I need for my first trip?

Here are some suggestions for the camping essentials including your tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and more. Your tent is the most important piece of camping gear you will need and it is worth spending money here if you want something that is going to last. We recommend a 3 season tent, as most of you will not be doing winter camping.

What type of camping should you do?

Backcountry Camping: This for the hardcore campers and hikers out there. This is where you hike in, carry all of your gear, food, and water (or a water purifyer to purify water from lakes) and you are camping with no facilities. This is the type of camping you usually do when you have a bit of experience.

What are some camping hacks from experienced campers?

Camping Hacks From Experienced Campers. 1 Fishing Rod Storage. This is for all you fishing addicts out there. When the season ends and the gear comes out of the truck, where do you store your ... 2 Slip-Free Drink Holders. 3 Spring Sledding. 4 Fishing Rod Organizer. 5 Swiss Army ‘Tinker’. More items

What type of tent do I need for camping?

A tent is the single most important thing you need when it comes to camping. It’s where you should invest the most. As a beginner, you’ll be fine with a 3 season tent (meaning it’s good for Spring to Fall). I recommend choosing a larger tent than you need.

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