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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of a 1966 Canadian silver dollar?

Most Canadian silver dollars from 1935 to 1966 are trading just above silver's melt value, which makes it an easy coin for collectors to get for $20 to $25 (U.S). Because of melting trends, there are fewer brilliant uncirculated silver dollars available for collectors.

What Canadian coins are silver?

Silver Maple Leaf Coins. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are the official silver bullion coin of Canada. Beautifully designed with an intricate attention to detail, each coin contains 1 Oz. of 99.99% pure silver.

What is the value of Canadian coins?

The 1911 Canadian Silver Dollar held the record of the world's most valuable coin. Only two Canadian silver dollars were struck, and one is housed at the Canadian Currency Museum in Ottawa. This leaves only one 1911 Canadian silver dollar available to collectors. In 2019 it sold to a private collector for $552,000 USD . In a previous sale, this coin sold for $1,066,000.

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