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Frequently Asked Questions

Are maple leaf gold coins a good investment?

In times of worldwide financial uncertainty, known quality backed by a stable, secure government makes the 1/2-ounce Maple Leaf uncirculated bullion highly desirable and worth its weight in gold. Although the spread between spot and price increases as coin size decreases, these are still worthy investments .

Where can you buy Canadian gold coins?

On the private side, gold collectors can purchase via the Internet in Canada through GoldMoney ( Through this method buyers don’t actually receive and possess the gold bullion. Instead, the gold is stored in secured company storage in two locations: Zurich, Switzerland, and London.

Are silver bullion coins GST exempt in Canada?

Most precious metal bullion in Canada is exempt from GST/HST provided the precious metals are defined as bars, ingots, coins or wafers of gold, silver or platinum, refined to a minimum purity of 99.50% for gold and platinum, or 99.9% for silver. Note that palladium products ARE subject to HST/GST.

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