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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canasta junction?

Mac and Microsoft Windows Canasta Junction connects you with friends near and far. Distances are shortened and friendships lengthened as players connect through their devices to play either a two-handed or four-handed game. Chat capabilities allow for banter back and forth as if you were sitting opposite each other.

Can I use Canasta junction on my Android device?

Android and Kindle versions of Canasta Junction are not supported anymore, so we cannot support them, nor guarantee they will work with the latest versions of our server software. I have another device. Do I need another license? iPhone/iPad app runs only on Apple's mobile devices.

Cancanasta junction help with password issues related to the game?

Canasta Junction can not assist with password issues unrelated to the game. Please watch our video and print out our directions. If you need more detail, download and print the Installation Guide. The Step-By-Step guide was developed by an expert computer instructor who specializes in teaching non-techies!

Is the cancanasta junction license exchangeable between devices?

Canasta Junction licenses are device specific, and are are not exchangeable: iPhone/iPad license runs only on Apple's mobile devices. You can share the same license among several Apple mobile devices if they are signed in to the same Apple ID or and with Apple's Family Share MacOS license runs only on Apple's Mac computers.

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