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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there school buses for sale in California?

At National Bus Sales, we offer a huge selection of school buses and shuttle buses for sale in California to get you from one town to the other. All you have to do is just pick the one you want! For those who are financing a new or used bus in California, we have that as well!

What happened to national bus sales?

"National Bus Sales had previously sold one of the nation's largest school bus contractors several bus packages. The contractor won an 80 bus contract in June and needed the buses by the end of July. National Bus Sales located, reconditioned and delivered the buses in time for the first day of school."

Where can I buy and sell buses?

You can buy and sell Buses from any all manufacturers, including brands such as Ford, Freightliner, Prevost, Volvo. Browse the latest Buses available in our auctions, including Bus, Coach.

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