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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Candyman based on a true story?

Finally, to give it an even more grisly nature, Candyman is characterized by a hook, which is an element in other urban legend stories. Not based on a true story, neither is the Slenderman, kids.

What does the name Candyman mean?

CANDYMAN means "Drug Dealer". "10 Essential Keyboard Hacks" Get more tricks and master new terms with our short, informative videos on YouTube. We haven't been doing videos for very long.

Is Candyman real or just a myth?

They say that many years ago, the Candyman was a real man. Back in the days of slavery, Candyman was a black slave named Daniel Robitaille, who worked on a plantation in New Orleans. He was a talented painter and was chosen by the plantation owner to paint a portrait of his daughter.

Why is he called Candyman?

To everyone in his Houston neighborhood, Dean Corll seemed like a decent, ordinary man. He was known for spending most of his time at the small candy factory that his mother owned, and he got along well with many of the neighborhood kids. He even gave free candy to local school children, which earned him the nickname “Candy Man.”

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