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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into canvas at Fullerton College?

Go to the Student page from the menu on the left and scroll down to the Distance Education box. Click on Canvas at Fullerton College. Login using your MyGateway user name (with no @ sign in front of it) and password. Note: If you need to reset your MyGateway password, do it only once and wait for the system to sync up which can take up to an hour.

How can I get help with canvas?

Canvas is CSUF's Learning Management System (LMS). The Department of Online Education and Training offers a variety of ways to assist you with any questions related to Canvas. You can get help by selecting the most convenient option from the choices below. Canvas Resource Center is a database of tutorials on how to use Canvas.

How do I get help with missing classes in canvas?

For help with missing classes in Canvas or a missing Canvas account, please use the Canvas Help Form. Canvas provides a 24/7 helpline to faculty and students. You can also click on the Support/? icon on the Canvas dashboard to report a problem.

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