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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free tutoring service at HCPS?

The service is free to our 6th through 12th grade students. From electronics to gym memberships, shoes to entertainment, restaurants to apparel, the new HCPS Employee Deals program offers all Hillsborough County Public Schools staff access to hundreds of discounts. We are excited to tell you about a new tutoring service, provided by Paper.

How do I integrate canvas Commons into Smart Start week?

Students can work through the course at their own pace, or teachers can integrate it into Smart Start Week by importing the modules from Canvas Commons. The menu on the left side includes a "Modules" link that you can click on to jump to a specific page or topic in this guide.

How do I go to canvas from clever?

These directions will show you how to go to Canvas from Clever. 1. On a district computer, double-click on the Clever icon on the main computer desktop. 2. If you are on your own computer, go to 3. When Clever opens, click on "Log In with Active Directory" at the bottom of the screen. 4.

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