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Frequently Asked Questions

What is canvas?

Canvas is the cloud-based Learning Management System used by faculty and students within the Los Rios Community College District. Get answers to most of your Canvas questions. (We cannot answer questions regarding enrollment status or Los Rios account issues.)

How do I access my Canvas course?

Use your w-ID and your Los Rios password to access your courses. How do I request a shell for my Canvas course? There is no need to request a shell. If your class has a 5-digit ID, the shell will be automatically created for you. You can access your shell by logging in to How do I add a student to my Canvas roster?

Why Los Rios Colleges Online?

Los Rios Colleges Online offers flexible learning paired with a supportive community. Access your online classes in Canvas, our learning management system. Get help with your technology needs and succeed this summer. Starfish provides you with feedback about your academic performance and connects you with members of your Success Network.

How do I contact canvas support?

You can also submit a Canvas Support Request to the Help Desk. For American River College, call (844) 589-3851. For Cosumnes River College, call (844) 592-2203. For Folsom Lake College, call (844) 600-4947.

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