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Frequently Asked Questions

When is canvas coming to PSU?

Canvas is coming to PSU, starting Winter Term 2022. Canvas will replace D2L as one of the foundations of learning at our university. You can learn more about how this will affect you as an instructor and the timeline for moving to Canvas in the page below.

Where can I get help with canvas?

A variety of support resources are available from Penn State sources and from Instructure, the company that developed Canvas. To report a problem or ask a question, contact the Penn State IT Service Desk at 814-865-HELP (4357) or select any of the other help options below. Learn how to get the most out of Canvas at Penn State.

What is cancanvas for mobile?

Canvas is Penn State’s online system for teaching and learning! Canvas for Mobile: Penn State’s LinkedIn Learning migration from was completed on August 16. Users may have received conflicting e-mails from LinkedIn Learning about how to log in to your Penn State LinkedIn Learning account.

What is the Canvas consortium?

The Canvas Consortium - A cohort-based two-week, fully online and asynchronous course on how to design courses and teach confidently in Canvas. Request a Sandbox - Explore Canvas now with a practice sandbox.

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