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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Capella University a good school?

Capella University is an excellent school of study. The support and learning process is an embodiment of the school,s integrity, drive, credible accreditation of the principles and policies that make Capella stands out as the school of choice.

How credible is Capella University?

As others mentioned, Capella is regionally accredited which means it is a “real” university, offering legitimate degrees. To be fair, as a private, for-profit, it is not cheap - and loans are the primary means of paying for it. But it is just as credible as any other accredited program.

Is Capella a respected university?

Recognized. Respected. Accredited. Capella is an accredited university. Accreditation is the assurance we meet standards for quality of faculty, curriculum, learner services, and fiscal stability.

What is Capella University reputation?

Capella University Degree Program. Like the reputation of University of Phoenix, Capella is a major for-profit University that you’re likely to encounter when looking at online masters degree programs or other graduate programs. Capella offers a number of different programs.

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