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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find free vinyl car decals SVG files?

Get Design #233 which is the free vinyl car decals SVG file. I have created several different designs for you, and they are all included in that file. You can download my file from my free resource library (get the password at the bottom of this post). For this demonstration, I am using the ' Crafting is my therapy ' design.

Can I use a different vinyl for my Car decals?

A: You can certainly try using a different vinyl with the exception of iron-on vinyl or HTV. But we had the best success with our vinyl sticking when we used the Outdoor Premium Vinyl. Get my free SVG files to Make Vinyl Car Decals I’d love to see your vinyl car decals!

What types of stickers and decals are available?

Our custom transfer stickers and decals are available in over 50 specialty vinyl materials, including glitter, holographic, metallic, and glow-in-the-dark! In addition to custom stickers, we offer over 50,000 different sticker designs from artists all over the world thanks to a partnership with

How do I get a replacement decal for my car?

Complete an Application for Clean Air Vehicle Decal (REG 1000) form. Check the “Replacement Decals” and/or “Replacement ID Card” box (as applicable), and check the appropriate reason box in Section 2. Mail to the address listed on the application. There is a $22 fee for replacement decals (check or money order).

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