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Frequently Asked Questions

What is carbonyl group in organic chemistry?

The Carbonyl Group. A carbonyl group is a chemically organic functional group composed of a carbon atom double-bonded to an oxygen atom --> [C=O] The simplest carbonyl groups are aldehydes and ketones usually attached to another carbon compound. These structures can be found in many aromatic compounds contributing to smell and taste.

Where is the carbonyl group found in sucrose?

This means that the carbonyl group is found in the middle of the middle of the molecule. In this case, it forces fructose into a five-sided ring. In a plant creating sucrose, an enzyme comes along to smash these two rings together, and extract a molecule of water.

What is an unsaturated carbonyl compound?

α,β-Unsaturated carbonyl compounds are an important class of carbonyl compounds with the general structure (O=CR)−Cα=Cβ-R; for example enones and enals. In these compounds the carbonyl group is conjugated with an alkene (hence the adjective unsaturated), from which they derive special properties.

What are some examples of inorganic carbonyl compounds?

Examples of inorganic carbonyl compounds are carbon dioxide and carbonyl sulfide . A special group of carbonyl compounds are 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds that have acidic protons in the central methylene unit.

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