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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Carter's run true to size?

The Carters from the CArters store run true to size, the ones they sell at Target run a little smaller (in my opinion). My LO is a big guy. We currently are in mostly 18 mos, but some 24 mos. My odd is long and lean. (About 35 inches and 25 lbs) For her Carters brand runs true to size.

Who sells Carter's brand?

If you take the "carters" things back to Carters they can scan tham and tell you if they were from the store. Every place that sells carters clothes has a small differencs in the tags. But the just one you is from Target yes. Kohls also sells the Carters brand.

Are all Carters stores closing?

How many Carter’s stores are there in the US? Are all Carters stores closing? Carter’s hasn’t announced which stores will close, and in what order, but they said that 60% of the stores identified for closure will shutter by the end of 2021. That’s just over 100 stores. How many Carter’s stores are there? 750November 2019

Who is in the Carter Family?

The musician is dad to son Odin Reign, 5, and daughters Saoirse, 2, and Pearl, 10 months, whom he shares with his wife Lauren. Carter told host Julia Dennison that for him, balancing life as a family of five is all about "the delegation of time."

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