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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cash Converters International?

Cash Converters International (CCV) is a franchisor of second-hand goods and financial services stores, a provider of secured and unsecured loans and the operator of a number of corporate stores in Australia, all of which trade under the Cash Converters name.

Are Cash Converters products regulated in Australia?

Both these products are regulated by the National Consumer Credit Act 2009 (NCCP Act) and are available throughout the store network and online to Australian customers. The personal finance business is the largest contributor to Cash Converters total earnings, representing 53% of the Company’s EBITDA for the financial year 2021.

How did cashcash converters fund its acquisitions in 2006?

Cash Converters made two acquisitions in 2006. The first, Safrock Finance Corporation (Safrock), was completed on 29 September for a total consideration of $17.5 million (including earn out) and the second was financial software platform MON-E for $15 million. Both acquisitions were funded through a combination of cash and shares ( scrip ).

Why choose cash converters?

We believe everyone should have options in life, so we provide our customers with solutions that meet their needs in a responsible and transparent way. Cash Converters is a diverse Group generating revenues from franchising, store operations, personal and vehicle finance.

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