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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cast iron cookware for outdoor cooking?

Cajun Outdoor Cooking’s Cast Iron Cookware collection consists of high quality cast iron cookware. This cast iron cookware collection includes cast iron skillets, jambalaya pots, cast iron dutch ovens and more. This cast iron cookware features non-traditional designs and is the perfect choice for every outdoor cooking need.

What is the function of cast iron burner?

cast iron burner is an important part of the flat hearth furnace. The combustion of fuel, the direction and shape of the flame, the emission of exhaust gas and the distribution in the hot chamber are all related to the structure of the cast iron burner.

What are the benefits of cast iron pans?

Cooking food with cast iron brings many amazing benefits - it conserves energy (since it uses less heat and water), adds dietary iron to food and simplifies cooking by providing even heat and preventing sticking. Lehman's knows that there's no cookware more suitable for off-grid living, camping and cooking over the open fire than cast iron.

Where can I get a quote for continuous cast iron tubes?

Contact cast iron suppliers at American Iron & Alloys in Waukesha, Wisconsin to get a quote for continuous cast iron tubes. We carry a full stock of stock types in various grades.

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