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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my cast iron plant is dying?

Signs that overwatering is causing brown leaves on your Cast Iron Plant; Generally yellowing leaves, particularly affecting the lower leaves. Soil that feels soggy, even many days after watering. Brown leaf tips despite regular watering. An offensive smell coming from the soil – this is a sign of root rot.

How do you get rid of anthracnose on cast iron plants?

If your cast-iron plant shows these symptoms, remove and destroy any affected leaves. To prevent anthracnose, water your cast-iron plant's soil rather than misting the plant.

Are cast iron plants easy to take care of?

But it’s a slow grower, which makes it another great candidate as an easy-care houseplant. While cast iron plants do flower, it’s infrequent at best. Their blooms tend to be hidden among the leaves close to the soil surface. When they do appear, they’re often brownish-purple in color.

How do you propagate cast iron cast iron Aspidistra?

Cast Iron Plant Propagation and Repotting Aspidistra plants propagate by division. To start a new plant, take pieces of the rhizome that include at least two leaves. Pot into pieces of the rhizome that include at least two leaves. Pot into fresh potting soil and keep moist and warm until new shoots begin to emerge.

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