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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a cast iron waffle maker while camping?

Read about the best cast iron stovetop waffle makers for camping. You can use them to bake your waffles over a gas or electric stove or a campfire. These cast iron waffle makers contain no teflon or non-stick coating so they are safe to use with your waffle mix.

Can you use a pie iron as a waffle maker?

Many are designed in the long-handled style of Pie Irons for easy open fire cooking. They are ideal for BBQ or two-burner camp stoves. A cast iron waffle maker can help you bake great tasting waffles without the use of electricity.

Are there any cast iron waffle makers that make thick Belgian style waffles?

Having a small amount of iron in your diet is actually beneficial to your body. As of now, there are no cast iron waffle makers that make thick Belgian style waffles. However, there are some that bake waffles that have really deep pockets and are a little thicker than the traditional thin waffle.

What kind of waffle iron do you use on a grill?

#1028 Chuck Wagon Waffle Iron - Cast Iron. Before electric cooking devices were common, cast iron waffle irons were the standard and used on stoves, open fires and woodstoves. This design is the same diameter as our #1100 (see below), but the Pie Iron style removable handles make it perfect for BBQ grill use.

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