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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a CAD model of my casters/wheels?

Hamilton Caster provides CAD Models of all its standard casters and wheels free of charge. The library is maintained in-house by Hamilton's engineering department. The adjacent video shows how to access the files. There are (3) ways. 1) Use the Finders by hovering over Casters or Wheels and select your desired attributes.

What are the different types of casters and wheels?

“Quality without Compromise” is our motto. Use our menu at the top of each page to find the casters and/or wheels you are looking for. Included are stainless, pneumatic, stem (threaded stem and expanding rubber stem ), swivel, rigid, locking, total locking, replacement, chair and furniture casters.

Why choose industrial caster&wheel co?

Serving all types of industry, Industrial Caster & Wheel Co. carries a complete line of light duty institutional casters as well as heavy duty industrial casters designed to perform in the most extreme applications. On our website you will find caster solutions for virtually all of your needs.

What is the capacity of the RWM caster and wheel?

CAPACITY UP TO 16500lbs. CAPACITY UP TO 20000lbs. CAPACITY UP TO 15000lbs. Due to high customer demand for access to 3D product models, RWM has made it possible to view and download caster and wheel CAD renderings direct from our website.

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