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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose industrial caster&wheel co?

Serving all types of industry, Industrial Caster & Wheel Co. carries a complete line of light duty institutional casters as well as heavy duty industrial casters designed to perform in the most extreme applications. On our website you will find caster solutions for virtually all of your needs.

What is another name for a castor wheel?

Also known as a brass caster, antique castor, chair castor, sofa castor and lounge suite wheel. Brass Castor Wheel Screw-In Plate Fixing with 25mm Brown Ceramic Wheel offers a very desirable look for traditional furniture.

What is included in the wheel and Castor range?

Furthermore, our wheel and castor range includes pneumatic wheels, designer castors, buffers, castors with brakes, stainless steel castors, fixed castor wheels, swivel castors, adjustable feet, heavy-duty castor wheels, medical castors, floor locks, and more.

Why choose New Zealand's leading Castor suppliers?

As New Zealand’s leading castor suppliers, you can trust that you’re receiving top quality products that are designed to meet the requirements of the New Zealand market. With over 50 years as castor manufacturers in the wheel and castor industry, you can rely on us for our expertise, experience and unparalleled customer service.

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