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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find casting networks in the world?

San Francisco ( USA & Canada ( UK ( Australia ( Having trouble logging in? New to Casting Networks? Sign up now Copyright © 2021 Casting Networks, Inc.

What is Lala casting?

LA Casting - and its divisions in San Francisco, New York, Miami and other regions throughout the country- is the leading online service for booking commercials. Commercial casting directors, agents, and actors trust us as their premiere resource. In fact, 97% of all commercials cast in Los Angeles are cast through us.

Where can I find casting calls from casting directors and creators?

Browse thousands of casting calls from the industry’s leading casting directors and creators on Casting Billboard ®. 60-75s brand video involving subject reciting a script into camera in English and one of the following foreign languages: French, German, Portuguese, UK English accent.

How much does connect with top casting directors cost?

Connect with top casting directors to schedule your next audition. $21.66/month ($259.90 billed once yearly – get two months free! ), *Available in Los Angeles with more cities coming soon. Headshot studio is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

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