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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I verify my casting networks account?

If you have a Casting Networks account that was created on our legacy platform and need to verify your account, please enter your username and password to begin the onboarding process. Make sure you have your username and password that you usually use to log in.

Where can I find casting networks in the world?

San Francisco ( USA & Canada ( UK ( Australia ( Having trouble logging in? New to Casting Networks? Sign up now Copyright © 2021 Casting Networks, Inc.

What are the tech support hours for casting?

Our tech support chat is now available between 6am-6pm PT for technical help with your online profile, email updates, required training questions (Los Angeles and New York only), and more. Note: technical support and casting are separate.

Where can I find casting calls from casting directors and creators?

Browse thousands of casting calls from the industry’s leading casting directors and creators on Casting Billboard ®. 60-75s brand video involving subject reciting a script into camera in English and one of the following foreign languages: French, German, Portuguese, UK English accent.

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