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Frequently Asked Questions

Why castlebranch for AACN?

Since 2005, CastleBranch has been a preferred vendor of AACN and a leading provider of student background screening solutions. CastleBranch has a proven track record for serving the specific needs of nursing schools, working with nearly two-thirds of colleges and universities nationwide, including 340 AACN schools.

What's new at castlebranch?

CastleBranch has joined with AACN to launch a new scholarship for students in baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs. To be eligible, students must attend schools affiliated with CastleBranch or NursingCAS. CastleBranch will award eight student scholarships a year, worth $5,000 each, totaling $200,000 over five years.

How do I place an order with Castle branch?

Visit the Galen College of Nursing CastleBranch site by clicking here or visiting: To get started, click on the “Place Order” button. Please have ready personal identifying information needed for security purposes. The email address you provide will become your username.

How does castlebranch work for students?

The student simply orders his or her background check online using a credit card or money order, and the results are returned within days. If your school would rather pay for student background checks, CastleBranch can accommodate institutional funding as well.

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