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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Castle Crashers single player multiplayer?

Single-player, multiplayer. Castle Crashers is a 2D indie-game style hack-and-slash video game developed by The Behemoth. It features music created by members of Newgrounds. The Xbox 360 version was released on August 27, 2008 via Xbox Live Arcade as part of the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade.

What was the original name of Castle Crashers?

Castle Crashers was first revealed on July 14, 2005 at the San Diego Comic-Con International under the working title Ye Olde Side-Scroller; however, the game did not receive its title until 2006 Comic-Con, when it was announced for Xbox Live Arcade.

What can you do in Castle Crashers?

Unlock the full version of Castle Crashers and start your journey into a world of magic and mystery! Battle your way across frozen tundra’s, deadly lava fields, and rival kingdoms in search of your kidnapped princess in this epic adventure.

Is there a new castle crashing the beard game?

This version later released for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on September 17, 2019. On April 13, 2021 the HD remake version of Castle Crashing the Beard was released on Newgrounds . Castle Crashers features four player gameplay and a unique cartoon art style.

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