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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cheats in Castle Crashers?

Castle Crashers Cheat 1 = Green Knight 2 = Red Knight 3 = Blue Knight 4 = Orange Knight 5 = Gray Knight 6 = Barbarian 7 = Thief 8 = Fencer 9 = Beekeeper 10 = Industralist (Blue robot?) 11 = Alien Hominid 12 = The King 13 = The Brute/ The Gladiator (Green miniboss at industrial castle) 14 = Snakey 15 = Saracen 16 = Royal Guard 17 = Stoveface

Is there a Castle Crashers +6 trainer for steam?

Our Castle Crashers +6 trainer is now available and supports STEAM. These Castle Crashers cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game. 1. Castle Crashers Trainer 2.6 You have chosen to download our Castle Crashers Trainer which supports the STEAM version (s) of the game.

How do you buy items in the castle keep?

Purchase in the Castle Keep. Dug up in the desert level. Purchased in the Barbarian store. Dug up after a cat statue. Hidden in a hut in the Full Moon level. Purchased in the snow store. Hidden behind the bushes near the entrance to the industrial castle. Dug up in the Home Castle level, in front of a burning hut.

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