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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Castle learning?

We hope you’ll call, email, or utilize our Live Chat feature anytime you have a question or concern. Live Chat: Sign In to your Castle Learning account and look for the “Online – Click here to chat ” pop up in the bottom right corner.

What is your review of Castle learning?

Castle Learning was my “go-to” during remote learning. Creating assignments is quick and easy. The ‘quiz mode’ is excellent for assessing students. The scheduling feature as well as the instant grading are fantastic. It gives you concrete data on student performance.

What kind of company is Castle Metals?

A. M. Castle & Co. (OTCQB:CTAM) is a leading provider of metals, services, and supply chain solutions. Castle Metals' has been the metals business brand since 1976. We distribute and process alloy, carbon, stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, titanium, cast iron, and red metals.

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