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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a party in Castle Rock?

“There is no such party,” according to a social media … The Castle Rock Town Council has approved a $302 million budget for 2022, reflecting changes that were required after voters rejected two ballot measures in the November election that would have … County leaders differ on what's behind the problem and what to do about it.

What is @Castle Rock nutrition?

Castle Rock Nutrition is the Place for Healthy Shakes & Teas! Food & Drink The Cake Company | A Taste of Delectable Deliciousness | Castle Rock, Colorado

Did Castle Rock voters reject tax hike to fund open space?

Castle Rock voters -- presented with a quartet of ballot measures on money matters -- appeared to reject a sales tax hike to fund open space in partial election returns late Tuesday, while the vote was close on three other measures.

Who is the owner of propane shack in Castle Rock Colorado?

Castle Rock Colorado Digital Marketing & Web Development Professional John Braddock Business NewsGary Godfrey-Aug 17, 2021 Castle Rock Resident Stephen Zelem Owner of Propane Shack LLC Business NewsGary Godfrey-Aug 11, 2021 1st Annual Whiskey & Wine Fest in Castle Rock!

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