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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Castle branch located?

The New Castle Branch Library is located in the historic downtown area of New Castle, Colorado. The library has been at the current location, 402 W Main Street, since 1968.

How long does it take Castle branch to review?

Review may take up to a couple of days and can fluctuate during holidays or inclement weather as CastleBranch is located in North Carolina. ONBOARDING – Any agency specific requirement (s), such as: Orientation Checklist, EPIC training, Mandatory Reporter Training, specific timed drug testing, etc.

What is castlebranch app?

CastleBranch Teams Up With OOHLALA App. CastleBranch Corp., parent company of CertifiedBackground, announced this month that it has partnered with the college-focused app OOHLALA in the development of a new mobile student engagement platform for students seeking a career in health care professions, according to a news release.

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