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Frequently Asked Questions

Does castor oil really work to re-grow hair?

Castor oil can be very beneficial for hair growth if used correctly. Small amounts of plain oil can be used for an all-over treatment. Like many things in life, more is not always better, and only a few drops are needed per treatment.

How can castor oil help moisturize your scalp and hair?

Following are the benefits of castor oil on hair and scalp: Eradicates Dandruff: Dandruff is a result of dry scalp. Applying castor oil on the scalp hydrates it, thus preventing the scalp from drying and flaking. ... Prevents Hair Loss: Applying castor oil on the scalp stimulates blood circulation. It in turn ensures better nourishment of hair. ... Prevents Scalp Infection:

How to use castor oil to treat hair loss?

Section off your hair. Put on the rubber gloves and begin applying the castor oil to your scalp using the applicator brush. Massage the oil into your scalp. Apply castor oil to the rest of your hair, using the comb to ensure even coverage.

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