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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 10W30 oil good for high mileage?

For an older, high-mileage passenger car, it is recommended to switch to a thicker viscosity oil, such as , when approaching and passing 100,000 miles, to lubricate the engine well for preservation.

How good is Castrol synthetic oil?

Castrol is a very good brand of oil. Whether you are using conventional or synthetic, it is still a great choice if you value your vehicle or other equipment. Castrol synthetic oils provide your engine with excellent lubrication, which will in turn, allow your vehicle to provide you with years of longevity.

How long does Castrol full synthetic oil last?

How Often Should I Change Oil With Castrol Full Synthetic? Most synthetic oils, such as Castrol, are rated to last between 10,000 and 15,000 miles or six months . These ratings are only recommendations typically applied to "normal driving," and do not reflect severe driving conditions that may require more-frequent oil changes.

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