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Frequently Asked Questions

What is POWER1 a747?

Castrol POWER1 A747 is a low ash, part synthetic racing lubricant specially formulated for use in multi-cylinder, watercooled two-stroke engines fitted to road racing machines, where combustion chamber deposit control is essential.

What kind of oil does Castrol Power 1 xr 77 use?

Castrol POWER1 XR 77 is the ultimate pre-mix racing 2-stroke engine oil based on fully synthetic technology. Castrol Chain Lube Racing is a spray lubricant developed and tested for high performance and racing applications. It is suitable for use on sealed and unsealed chains fitted on both on- and off-road bikes.

What is Castrol POWER1 R40?

Castrol POWER1 R40 is a castor-based lubricant containing specially prepared additives to prevent rapid deterioration through oxidation.

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