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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Brayco lubricants?

That's why the Brayco range includes low outgassing and low volatility lubricants that are proven to virtually eliminate lubricant outgassing.

What kind of oil does a Castrol 399 take?

Castrol 399is a low viscosity, polyol ester based gas turbine engine oil. Castrol 399 is approved to MIL-PRF-7808L, Grade 3 and is compatible with MIL-PRF-6085 AND MIL-PRF-23699. 399 is formulated with enhanced load Carrying capabilities.

Why choose the Brayco range?

The Brayco range features a world-leading choice of synthetic oils and greases that are proven to perform in extreme environments: increasing the lifespan of crucial equipment and delivering reliable performance in every critical application. Outer space presents just as many lubricant challenges as the depths of the sea.

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