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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Castrol Edge?

Castrol EDGE is our strongest and most advanced range of engine oils yet. Castrol EDGE. Castrol EDGE provides superior motor oil strength for engines that work harder due to higher engine pressures, helping your vehicle to maximize performance.

Is Castrol Edge the best?

When it comes to top quality performance, Castrol Edge oil is the best that you can get. With the use of high innovation and technology, the company has been able to advance the performance of synthetic oils in creating these liquids.

Is Castrol Edge fully synthetic?

Castrol EDGE BIO-SYNTHETIC is Eco-Engineered to combine Fluid TITANIUM Technology with the natural lubricating properties of plants. Made with 25% plant based oil, Castrol EDGE BIO-SYNTHETIC is both Titanium strong and renewable.

What does 10W-40 mean in motor oil?

In short, if you see an expression such as 10W-40, the oil is a multigrade which simply means that the oil falls into 2 viscosity grades, in this case 10W and 40.

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