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Frequently Asked Questions

What does lung cavitation mean?

The cavitation tends to be associated with a squamous variety of cancer because it grows along the lining (the squamous cells form the lining where air exchanges in the lung) and tends to form holes (cavitation) as opposed to other varieties of cancer which form more solid areas.

What is cavitary lung disease?

Lung cavity; Other names: Pulmonary cavity, lung cavitary lesion, lung cavitation: Chest X-ray of a person with advanced tuberculosis: Infection in both lungs is marked by white arrow-heads, and the formation of a cavity is marked by black arrows.

What causes cavitary lung lesion?

Cavitary lung lesions are known to develop as a result of bacterial infection. This is the most common cause for having the ailment. As a result of drug or chemical abuse and smoking. It is known in medical circles that smoking as well as abuse of drugs is some of the common reasons why people develop cavitating lung lesions.

What is a cavitary mass?

In adults, cavitary lesions of the lungs result from acquired processes causing central necrosis of the pulmonary parenchyma. Etiologies include a variety of infectious and malignant pathologies, with infection being more common.

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