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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBT actually work?

Yes, CBT does work. But so does almost all other therapies. There is a large body of scientific literature on psychotherapy demonstrating that almost all therapy is of about the same effectiveness. Especially if you remove “allegiance bias,” that is, the bias attributed to the “allegiance” that a therapist has to a particular therapy.

What are CBT worksheets?

CBT worksheets are forms that are designed to be filled in. CBT worksheets can be used in many different ways including: forms that you and your patients start in-session and complete outside session such as a behavioral experiment worksheet or a positive belief log.

How to use CBT?

How to Use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Method 1 of 5: Identifying Negative Thoughts Download Article. ... Method 2 of 5: Challenging Negative Thoughts Download Article. ... Method 3 of 5: Problem-Solving Your Primary Concern Download Article. ... Method 4 of 5: Using Relaxation Techniques Download Article. ... Method 5 of 5: Finding Professional Help Download Article. ...

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