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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of the use of CC in different contexts?

Some open-source/open-hardware projects, such as the Arduino project, use a .cc for their home pages, since "CC" is also the abbreviation for "Creative Commons", whose licenses are used in the projects. Business owners in Southern Massachusetts are rapidly adopting Cape Cod CC domains for local identity.

What does the acronym CC stand for?

CC, in its full form, stands for Carbon Copy, a function that allows you to send a single email to multiple contacts. It is often used to keep colleagues and clients in the loop, especially when you want to share information but you don’t necessarily need a reply. How do I use CC in an email?

What does CC mean in emails?

The answer to what is CC in email can be traced back to the very early days of electronic communications. Taking a cue from standard letter writing, CC stands for carbon copy—a method of duplicating handwritten or typed letters using carbon paper.

Is it necessary to use CC in emails?

Using CC in your emails allows you to add any number of contacts that, while not necessarily requiring a reply, may wish to be kept in the loop on anything from meeting minutes to project briefs. Knowing when to use CC in an email is an important part of good email etiquette and is underpins professional communication best practice.

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