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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CCD a good design brand?

Besides, CCD won the "Asian 500" and it is the first design brand on the list. Since establishment, CCD has received over 65 top-notched international design awards including the highest honor in the interior design field – 'Gold Key Awards', becoming the first Chinese interior designer who has won a grand slam in the hospitality design field.

Where is CCD expanding its international presence?

These expansions in Southeast Asia, Europe and North America have facilitated CCD’s international presence.

What is chengccd/Cheng Chung Design?

CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK) was founded by Mr. Joe Cheng. Mr. Cheng is an outstanding designer who specializes in hospitality design and who has worked with most of the high-end international hotel brands.

What is the CCD advanced manufacturing center?

The Community College of Denver’s (CCD) Advanced Manufacturing Center serves as a strong example of the cross-sector collaboration that can help students and workers compete in today and tomorrow’s workforce.

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