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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ccccra?

CCRA promotes and defends the stenographic profession which is unmatched in its ability to produce a realtime transcript. We educate the legal and political community on behalf of all court reporters.

Why should I join CCRA?

No matter how you choose to join us, you can rest assured that we're here to help you grow. And we know that no product, service or even supplier is right for everyone. That's why CCRA was designed to create an open network for travel agents and travel suppliers to connect and do business their way - not ours.

Why Central Carolina Realtors Association?

Central Carolina REALTORS® Association has provided professional real estate services for over 100 years. Chartered July 28, 1913, our association serves its membership by providing programs and services to enhance REALTORS® and their ability to conduct business with integrity and competence.

What does it mean to be a CCRA certified clinical researcher?

Being a CCRA makes me a better clinical researcher and that’s a really great feeling. Certification means I’m an accomplished professional with the knowledge needed to lead and inspire world-class teams of researchers. Certification lets other in the industry know that you are committed to your profession, ethics, and quality.

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