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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amion for enterprises?

AMiON for Enterprises manages on-call schedules for entire hospitals. Each department builds and maintains its schedule. There's no paper and no duplication of effort - only accurate, accessible schedules! Attendings... Residents... Enterprises... Who's using AMiON?

What services does ccrmc offer?

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center (CCRMC) provides a wide array of services to meet the health needs of Contra Costa County residents. Learn more about the services we offer.

What is Amion (Am I on)?

AMiON ("Am I on") lends a splash of color to scheduling. It makes scheduling fun! Templates, patterns, staffing rules, and an autoscheduler make quick work of building and fine-tuning schedules.

How do I post schedules in Amion?

A few clicks post schedules at where staff can view assignments, send pages and secure messages, sync work schedules to personal calendars, submit special requests, and swap shifts online. Switchboard staff can make last-minute changes to keep schedules up-to-date!

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