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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I Choose ccrmc?

I was born in Sonora, Mexico and have been in California for almost 20 years (mostly in Sacramento), where I volunteered in various clinics and learned about health disparities. I chose CCRMC for it's full-spectrum training with the goal of being a well-rounded physician for any patient population or setting.

What is the full form of CCRC?

The abbreviation CCRC may refer to: Capital College and Research Centre. CCRC, a Canadian Christian music record chart. City of Cambridge Rowing Club, a rowing club in Cambridge, England. ClearCase Remote Client, a feature of IBM Rational ClearCase.

What is the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center?

With the opening of the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center the people of Contra Costa gained a valuable new community resource: a modern state-of-the-art public hospital dedicated to serving the health care needs of all county residents.

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