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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CCRN certification stand for?

CCRN Certification signifies nursing excellence and confirms that the nurse has mastered the skills and knowledge base necessary to effectively care for acutely ill patients. CCRN Certification is associated with better patient outcomes and higher quality patient care.

How to become a CCRN?

The first step to becoming a CCRN is holding a bachelor's degree known as a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), which usually takes about four years to complete. During this program, students will learn about physiology, anatomy, health assistance, nutrition, and other relevant subjects in the field.

How to obtain a CCRN?

To obtain the CCRN certification, you must sign up for and take an examination administered at select testing facilities. This is all done through the AACN website. The cost to take the examination is $245 for current AACN members, and $360 for non-members.

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