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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CCSP a good certification?

The CCSP is a reasonably successful IT credential in that it hits a very hot field -- information security, but is somewhat constrained by a Cisco-centric view of networks and networking infrastructure.

How to become CCSP certified?

7 steps to become a CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional) Start by learning some facts about the CCSP. The below table lists the number of CCSP vs CISSP in OECD countries as of Jan 1, 2018. ... Check the CCSP 's pre-requisites or requirements. CCSP requires 5 years of cumulative, paid and full-time work experience in IT, including 3 years in information security and 1 year ... Review the potential CCSP's benefits More items...

What does CCSP stand for in certification?

The Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) is a certification developed by the (ISC) ² and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). The CCSP certification ensures that cloud security professionals have the needed knowledge, abilities, and skills in cloud security design, implementation, operations, controls, architecture, and compliance with regulatory frameworks.

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