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Frequently Asked Questions

What school did Cesar Chavez go to?

In 1942, Chavez quit school in the seventh grade. It would be his final year of formal schooling, because he did not want his mother to have to work in the fields. Chavez dropped out to become a full-time migrant farm worker. In 1946 he joined the United States Navy and served for two years.

How many school did Cesar Chavez attend?

Cesar Chavez attended about 30 schools in California as his family moved from place to place to find work. After the eighth grade Cesar had to quit school to support his ailing parents.

Where did Cesar Chavez go to school?

They moved regularly, and at weekends and holidays, Cesar joined his family in working as an agricultural laborer. In California, he moved schools many times, spending the longest time at Miguel Hidalgo Junior School; here, his grades were generally average, although he excelled at mathematics.

What was Cesar Chavez education?

The Cesar Chavez Education Institute is a project of the National Farm Workers Service Center that was founded by Cesar Chavez in 1966. The Institute's instructional program consists of a forty (40) hour sequence of lessons, primarily for English Language Learners who need language development in English Language Arts and/or Pre-Algebra/Algebra.

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