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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cesaro's workout routine?

Regardless, in order to perform as the "Swiss Superman," Cesaro takes on a grueling workout routine that consists of working on his chest, back and traps on Monday, his legs on Tuesday, and arms/shoulders on Wednesday. Cesaro has always believed in training hard with very little rest time in between sets to build up his endurance.

Is Cesaro the strongest wrestler in WWE?

Cesaro is without a doubt one of the pound for pound strongest wrestlers in the WWE today (and the commentator's make a point of reminding us of this fact very frequently). However, Cesaro's superhuman strength hasn't seemed to have affected his midcard standing in the company though.

How old is Cesaro now?

Claudio Castagnoli (born 27 December 1980) is a Swiss professional wrestler. He is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the SmackDown brand, under the ring name Cesaro (shortened from his previous ring name Antonio Cesaro ).

What is John Cena's workout regimen?

In regards to Cena's workout regime, John exercises very vigorously, and few people can replicate his workouts other than trained pro bodybuilders. Cena works out five days a week, with Monday being his legs and calves day, Tuesday his chest, Wednesday for his arms, Thursday for shoulders and Friday for his back.

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