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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a plain chachalaca?

The Plain Chachalaca is the only member of the family of guans, curassows, and chachalacas to reach the United States. The family contains approximately 50 species, ranging from Mexico to southern South America, many of which are endangered because of hunting. Plain Chachalacas have been known to live up to age 8 years in the wild.

Where do chachalacas live in Texas?

Plain Chachalacas are common in a limited area of southern Texas, where their flocks live in thickets or riverside woods. Frequently, especially at dawn and dusk, a flock will perch in a tall tree and give voice to a disorganized clattering chorus of cha-cha-lac calls.

What time of day do chachalacas call?

Their young can cling to branches with both wings and feet as soon as they are dry after hatching. Pairs of Plain Chachalacas give their loud calls in the early morning and early evening.

Where did the chachalaca evolve?

The prehistoric species of the present genus, however, indicate that chachalacas most likely evolved in North or northern Central America : The Early Miocene fossil Boreortalis from Florida is also a chachalaca; it may actually be referrable to the extant genus.

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