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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the challenges of Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

For those into e-learning, using and adapting to various Learning Management Systems (LMS) is a given. However, as recent researches suggest, one of the oft-mentioned challenges in using LMS functionalities to increase efficiency is lack of integration and inflexible reporting capabilities.

What are the benefits of learning management systems?

It may seem a bit difficult at first glance, but modern Learning Management Systems provide pre-built templates for content, many extensions, simple solutions for inserting audio, video, images, tests and exams, and other efficient opportunities to create and customize courses.

Do you need an LMS for your organization?

When you don’t have a centralized (and a more organized) place – like an LMS – to host your learning resources, you could never be fully aware of all the training resources that different departments have. That means there is a high chance of training programs/courses being duplicated in your organization’s learning portal.

Why create a tailored learning management system?

Creating a tailored solution is a good opportunity to enhance educational process and overall performance as well. 4. Build Efficient Educational Environments. Why not to integrate a single Learning Management System for all situations?

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