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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do they change the guard at Buckingham Palace?

Normally the Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place every other day, but this can vary. You can check directly with the Household Division website, home of the British Army regiments who serve the Royal family. How often do the guards change at Buckingham Palace? Each guard will spend two hours on duty before switching over.

Do the Buckingham Palace Guards actually do anything?

No.6: Do the Buckingham Palace guards actually do anything? They provide sentries during the day and night, and during the later hours, they patrol the grounds of the Palace. All Foot Guards are highly trained infantry soldiers who also play an important part in military operations worldwide.

What can you do at Buckingham Palace?

Visiting Buckingham Palace: 10 Top-Rated Things to See & Do. 1. See the Changing of the Guard. Changing of the Guard. 2. Visit the Royal State Rooms. 3. Explore the Royal Mews. 4. View the Rare Artworks at The Queen's Gallery. 5. Take a Tour of Clarence House.

How many guards are there for Buckingham Palace?

When the Sovereign is in residence, the Queen's Guard numbers three officers and forty other ranks, with four sentries each posted at Buckingham Palace (on the forecourt) and St James's Palace (two in Friary Court, two at the entrance to Clarence House).

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