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Frequently Asked Questions

How many changing places are there in Ireland?

The Changing Places Ireland campaign has led to less than 20 registered changing places facilities across the State in 7 years.

How many Changing Places toilets are there in Ireland?

In Ireland there are only 15 Changing Places Toilet Facilities. There are over 1500 in England and new legislation will make Changing Places Toilets mandatory in new public buildings from 2021. In Northern Ireland there are approximately 40 and the NI Assembly is now following England and has committed to amending their building regulations.

Where can I get a changing place in Kilkenny?

MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre, Kilkenny, has a facility with all of the features associated with a Changing Place but does not include a hoist. Dundalk Sports Centre, Tom Bellew Avenue, Muirhevanamor, Dundalk, Co. Louth.

What is the Changing Places campaign?

The Changing Places campaign in Ireland is highlighting the need for more of these types of facilities to allow families, friends and carers take part in activities and visit places such as a zoo, libraries, swimming pools, shopping centres and sporting arenas most of us take for granted.

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