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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Pentecostals and charismatics?

Pentecostals believe that the evidence of a person being filled with the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues, or an unknown language. Charismatics don't nail it down so hard but believe that a person can be filled with the Holy Spirit even though they do not speak in tongues.

What do charismatics believe?

Charismatic Christians believe that the gifts (Greek charismata χάρισμα, from charis χάρις, grace) of the Holy Spirit as described in the New Testament are available to contemporary Christians through the infilling or baptism of the Holy Spirit, with-or-without the laying on of hands.

What is charismatic Christianity?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. form of Christianity. Charismatic Christianity (also known as Spirit-filled Christianity) is a form of Christianity that emphasizes the work of the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, and modern-day miracles as an everyday part of a believer's life. Practitioners are often called Charismatic Christians or Renewalists.

Is charismatic a cult?

There is no cult without a powerful, charismatic leader. A charismatic leader has ­the uncanny ability to get people to follow him unquestioningly. The phrase "cult of personality" refers to this type of group dynamic. Cult members are devoted to the leader, not to the leader's ideas.

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